Energetic Einsteins
Facilitating Educational Partnerships and Outreach Opportunities for Scientists

Who We Are

WHO ARE WE:     Energetic Einsteins is a program formed by the faculty of the Institute for Biomedical Philosophy to facilitate Educational Partnerships and Outreach Opportunities for Scientists.  Bouncing Brainiacs is the Neuroscience Education branch of Energetic Einsteins.

Our programs utilize current scientific content and are directed by doctoral level faculty committed to improving the scientific literacy of students and the general public.  Our faculty provide services to enhance science education by facilitating the development of research-based programs and appropriate laboratory facilities for families or organizations.

Physical Location 2101 Sunnydale Blvd Unit C,  Clearwater, Fl 33765

If you are familiar with the area, it is very near the Long Center.   Sunnydale Blvd is a short cross street that connects Hercules and Belcher, just south of Sunset Point road. If you are turning off of Belcher, Queens Pizza is on that corner, and if you are turning off of Hercules, a small post office and a bowling alley are on that corner. There is a health food store (with a green awing) called Green Spring Health Products at the front of the building we are in.

Recently Published Chapter

Using Inland and Costal Citizen Science Opportunities to Study Marine Food Webs

by Melissa K. Demetrikopoulos, Lee G. Morris, and Wesley D. Thompson

Institute for Biomedical Philosophy, Dunedin, FL

Rubric for student presentations for this chapter

Upcoming Book (2015)

Interplay of Creativity and Giftedness in Science


Melissa K. Demetrikopoulos Ph.D. and John L. Pecore Ph.D.

Institute for Biomedical Philosophy

Objective of the Book:
  This book will explore the interplay of creativity and giftedness in the teaching and practice of science.  While it is well established that successful scientists are intellectually gifted, the interaction of creativity with giftedness in the scientific arena is less well described.  This is a critically important area since it has been suggested that creativity is what separates good scientists from truly great scientists who can open up new avenues of investigation.

The aims of this book are as follows:

  • To serve as a vehicle to focus discussion on the interplay of giftedness and creativity within the scientific enterprise
  • To provide evidence and theoretical constructs which can be used to adjust learning environments to be conducive to the development of superior scientists
  • To provide evidence and theoretical constructs which can be used to adjust trajectory for future and working scientists

Recent Presentations on Gifted Education

by Energetic Einsteins Faculty


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