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Energetic Einsteins offers a number of opportunities to gifted students and their families. 

2015 Summer Science Camp Session Dates below:

Summer Science Camps Offered by Energetic Einsteins
1.   Wizard Camp for Gifted Muggles (June 28-July 3rd, 2015)  FULL
2.  Are You Smarter Than a Rocket-Scientist? Camp  (Offered in Even years next 2016) 
Brain Camp for Brainiacs   (Offered in Even years next 2016)
Brains and Behavior Program (August 17-21 2015) FULL

Summer Science camp Program details are below!  
Families have requested to be kept informed about our programing.   If you would like to hear about upcoming events, please take a moment to fill out the online contact information form at the link below.   There are 10 questions on the form. 


Logistical Issues for
Gifted Summer Camps


Check-in 8:45am-9:00am

Program runs: 9:00am-3:30pm

Pick-up/Sign out 3:30pm-3:45pm


Keep the Dates 2015: 
Session 1 June 29-July 3 

Session 2 August 17-21

Camp Open House

During the final afternoon of each weekly session, a student run open house will allow students to demonstrate to their families what they’ve learned during the week. 



Register at GiftedCampRegistration

Program size is limited.   

Students are registered upon receipt of registration form and payment in full. 

Upon registration, an invoice will be sent with payment options.


Cost: $450/week and includes materials, supplies, and program t-shirt. 

$50 Discount for Multiple Class or Sibling or Bring a Friend (only one discount/session).

These discounts should be noted on registration form. 


Registration and Processing Fee of $50 will be waived for students who complete their registration by April 15, 2015. 

Additional t-shirts may be purchased at time of registration or on site. 



Limited number of scholarships available! 

Scholarship Application link 

Annual deadline for scholarship application is May 10th.  

If you can, please consider contributing to the scholarship fund so that financially needy deserving students can attend.

Scholarship Fund Link 


Cancellation and refund policy

Cancellations will result in a registration and processing fee of $50.

No refunds or credits will be issued for any no-shows.

Written Cancellations received prior to May 10th 2015 will receive a Full refund (minus a $50.00 registration and processing fee).

Written Cancellations received from May 10th 2015 until June 1st 2015 will receive a 50% refund (minus a $50.00 registration and processing fee).

No Refunds will be given if withdrawal is after June 1st, 2015.


Physical Location:  2101 Sunnydale Blvd Unit C

Clearwater, Fl 33765

Two sessions will be offered Summer 2015 in our Clearwater, Fl location:

Wizard Camp for Gifted Muggles for gifted students who have completed 3rd-6th grade, FULL and

BRAINS and BEHAVIOR PROGRAM for gifted students who have completed 6th-11th grade  FULL

6th-11th Grade
Offered in odd numbered years:  Aug 17-21, 2015  FULL
Join our neuroscience faculty for a hands-on, minds on exploration inside your head. Join us as we learn about brain anatomy and function, neuronal communication, and brain health and diseases. You will explore a variety of species' brains macroscopically and microscopically including a sheep brain dissection, model the brain of an animal you design, participate in memory experiments, design and conduct behavioral neuroscience experiments with invertebrate organisms, and investigate the effect of alcohol on development.   This program is  designed to specifically meet the needs of 6th-11th grade gifted students. 

Participants:  Gifted Students that have completed 6th-11th grade

BRAIN CAMP for BRAINIACS  (6th-11th grade)

(Offered in even numbered years:  Next 2016) 
Join our neuroscience faculty for a hands-on, minds on exploration of how your brain functions.  Come find out how neurotransmission occurs by modeling the electrical circuitry involved in the communication between neurons (brain cells).  Students will design and conduct experiments where they will train invertebrate organisms.  They will also conduct electrophysiological experiments and have the opportunity to record their own brain wave activity by recording an Electroencephalogram (EEG).  Students will also be able to simulate the effects of various compounds (drugs) on brain activity.  This summer camp is specifically designed to meet the needs of gifted students that have completed the 6th-11th grade.   

Participants:  Gifted Students that have completed 6th-11th grade

NOTE:  It is anticipated that the Brains and Behavior Camp and the Brain Camp for Brainiacs will be offered on alternative years.  These programs provide two opportunities for students interested in neuroscience and differ in terms of the experiments conducted as well as the content focus.  

  WIZARD CAMP FOR GIFTED MUGGLES   *   **(3rd-6th Grade)  June 29-July 3, 2015   FULL

Offered each Summer: There are two versions of this camp offered in alternative years to provide two opportunities for students interested in science. They differ in terms of the experiments conducted as well as the content.

Our Science Faculty will reveal the science behind the magic and will provided hands on explorations in the fields of Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.  Students will also learn to make pumpkin juice and compete in a number of challenges for the house cup. Some examples projects include plant experiments in Herbology, Invertebrate races in Care of Magical Creatures, comparisons of invisible inks and color changing Potions, Transfiguration by metamorphosis, and Astronomy exploration to design and model an organism capable of living on their favorite celestial object.  This summer program is specifically designed for gifted students that have completed the 3rd-6th grade. 

Participants:  Gifted Students that have completed 3rd-6th grade

*NOTE:  Program is not affiliated with, authorized, prepared, approved, licensed, nor endorsed by Harry Potter, Scholastic, Universal Studios, nor J.K. Rowling.  Harry Potter is the registered trademark of Time Warner Entertainment Co., L.P.**NOTE: This is a Science program and does not endorse nor teach witchcraft, anything wiccan or the occult. 

Are You Smarter Than a Rocket-Scientist?  Camp (5th-9th Grade)  (Offered in even numbered years: Next 2016) 

This is only offered every other year and so fills quickly.  Join our science faculty to learn about the complexities involved in rocket design.  Students will design experiments to explore a variety of topics relevant to rocket design for inter-space travel including the effects temperature through Charles Law on crushing metal, the importance of heat conduction and absorption, as well as the effects of Boyle’s law on the ability to withstand pressure changes.  Students will also design rockets for travel within Earth’s atmosphere that will be powered by either compressed air or carbon dioxide.  Students will learn the science behind propulsion and landing to aid in their design.  The rockets will be constructed of household items and students will have the option to attempt to maximize either distance flown, softness of landing, or another variable of their choosing. This summer camp is designed to specifically meet the needs of gifted students who have completed 5th-9th grade.

Participants:  Gifted Students that have completed 5rd-9th grade

It’s Summer Vacation, Let’s Have Fun

We know what amuses Gifted Students.  Our academically challenging science programs contain aspects of the arts, competitions, games, movement, logic, and puzzles.  Gifted students will have opportunities to form friendships with true peers with a similar passion about learning.

 Math Reading and Art Extensions

All of our programs combine relevant research-based science content with Math, Reading, and Artistic activities.  They also include Writing, Library Science, and Information Technology extensions as well.  We work with families and organizations to custom fit our programs to the appropriate ages, interests, and abilities of the participants. 

Grade Level

The grade level of our programs indicates the level that is appropriate to gifted learners social and motor skills.  Motor skills and social development are essential for science laboratory safety.  The content provided is matched to their gifted academic ability and is well above their school grade level.  Our Director, Dr. Demetrikopoulos, has been involved in educational summer programs for over 13 years. 

Expectation of Students

This program is limited to a select number of students each year. In order to benefit from the camp, participants must not only be gifted, but should also have the maturity to conduct themselves safely in a supervised laboratory setting.  Our focus is both to have fun, and to become better scholars.  Thus, children should be able to refrain from behaviors that will adversely impact the other participants. 

The summers of 2010 and 2011 we offered our Brains and Behavior Summer Program for gifted 6th-9th graders as well as our Wizard Camp for Gifted Muggles program for gifted 3rd-6th graders. Both programs were offered in our Clearwater, Florida location.  In 2012 and 2014 we once again offered our Wizard Camp for Gifted Muggles program, as well as two new camps:  Are you Smarter than a Rocket Scientist for gifted 5th-8th graders and Brain Camp for Brainiacs for gifted 6th-10th graders.   In 2013, we offered Wizard Camp for Gifted Muggles and Brains and Behavior Summer Program.  The Wizard Camp for Gifted Muggles has two versions that are offered in alternate years.