Energetic Einsteins
Facilitating Educational Partnerships and Outreach Opportunities for Scientists

Energetic Einsteins offers a number of opportunities to gifted students and their families. 
Our programs utilize current scientific content and are directed by doctoral level faculty. 

Summer Program Registration Now OPEN!!!FULL

Upcoming Events for Gifted Students with Energetic Einsteins

 Wizard Camp for Gifted Muggles (June 29-July 3, 2015)   FULL
Brains and Behavior Camp  (August 17-21th, 2015) FULL 

Game Day for Gifted Students
  Next Date announced soon Time:9:30am to 12:30pm:Clearwater, FL

Information about Gifted Student Summer camps in Clearwater, Florida is on the gifted summer camp page. 

If you can, please consider contributing to the scholarship fund so that financially needy deserving students can attend.  Scholarship Fund Link

STAY Informed!!!

Families have requested to be kept informed about our programing.   If you would like to hear about upcoming events, please take a moment to fill out the online contact information form at the link below.   There are 10 questions on the form. 


MarineQuest:  Energetic Einsteins and the Institute for Biomedical Philosophy participate annually in MarineQuest, the annual open house of the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI) in St Petersburg, Florida.  Come play our Marine Mammal Brain Game which compares the brains and behaviors of manatees, sea lions, and dolphins.  You can find out more about the MarineQuest event at MarineQuest .   

Participants:  Families
Program Date: October 17, 2015  10 am-4pm
Cost:  FREE
Location:  FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, 100 Eighth Avenue Southeast, St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg Science FestivalEnergetic Einsteins and the Institute for Biomedical Philosophy will also be participating in the annual St. Petersburg Science Festival which is being held in conjunction with MarineQuest.  The science festival is a free, public event celebrating science.    Come play our Crabby Behavior at the Beach Game which compares blue crabs, fiddler crabs, and hermit crabs.  You can find out more about the St. Petersburg Science Festival at www.stpetescifest.org

Participants:  Families
Program Date: October 2015 from 10am to 4pm.
Cost:  FREE
Location:  Grounds of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg Bayboro Waterfront campus,  140 Seventh Ave. S.   St. Petersburg, Florida

Game Day for Gifted Students: 
Come on out for a day of fun with other gifted students at our Clearwater, FL location.  We will have a number of group logic competitions, and games that students can participate in as well as a variety of  puzzles to solve. In addition to the games that we have available, students are encouraged to bring their favorites from home.   

For families new to Energetic  Einsteins, our Director, Dr. Demetrikopoulos, will be available to answer questions about our programs and approach to gifted education. 

Please pre-register so that we can plan accordingly. 

Participants:  Gifted 1st-9th graders
Program Dates: Saturday Upcoming dates soon
Time:  9:30am-12:30pm 
Cost: $15  ($10 if preregistered/prepaid)
Register for this event at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/gamedayregistration

For more information contact GiftedInfo@BioPhi.org

 Now Accepting applications for Near-Peer Internships!!!!

Information and registration link can be found on Near-Peer page

We Also Offer:

Workshops, One-Day Events
Summer Programs, Directed Study
Game and Puzzle Days
Science Vacations
Near-Peer Internship Opportunities
Opportunities for Highly, Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted Students

Three Science camp sessions were offered last summer in our Clearwater, Fl location:

1.Wizard Camp for Gifted Muggles (3rd-6th grade gifted students)

Brain Camp for Brainiacs (6th-11th grade gifted students)

3.  Are you Smarter than a Rocket Scientist (5th-9th grade gifted students)

The last four Summers we offered our Gifted Science Camps gifted 3rd-10th graders at our Clearwater, Florida location.  Photos from these programs are located on our gifted summer camps page.   

Math Reading and Art Extensions

All of our programs combine relevant research-based science content with Math, Reading, and Artistic activities.  They also include Writing, Library Science, and Information Technology extensions as well.  We work with families and organizations to custom fit our programs to the appropriate ages, interests, and abilities of the participants. 

 Let’s Have Fun

We know what amuses Gifted Students.  Our academically challenging science programs contain aspects of the arts, competitions, games, movement, logic, and puzzles.  Gifted students will have opportunities to form friendships with true peers with a similar passion about learning.

Grade Level

The grade level of our programs indicates the level that is appropriate to gifted learners social and motor skills.  Motor skills and social development are essential for science laboratory safety.  The content provided is matched to their gifted academic ability and is well above their school grade level. 

Expectation of Students

This program is limited to a select number of students each year. In order to benefit from the camp, participants must not only be gifted, but should also have the maturity to conduct themselves safely in a supervised laboratory setting.  Our focus is both to have fun, and to become better scholars.  Thus, children should be able to refrain from behaviors that will adversely impact the other participants.

Physical Location:  2101 Sunnydale Blvd Unit C Clearwater, Fl 33765